Zebra crossing for Shipbourne Road, Tonbridge to be completed this month

Kent County Council is installing a new zebra crossing and refreshing the cycle lanes on Shipbourne Road, Tonbridge.

The crossing, due to be completed by the end of the month, replaces the existing refuge island just south of the junction with Bishops Oak Ride. Also included with the works is resurfacing along Shipbourne Road.

The scheme has been funded from the Combined Member Grant scheme on the recommendation of Kent County Council Members Michael Payne and Richard Long. The new scheme will also provide a safer link between the bus stops on either side of the carriageway.

Deputy cabinet member for highways Michael Payne said: “The scheme provides a safe place to cross Shipbourne Road both for local people and children going to school. It has long been requested by residents and also has the support of our TMBC Councillors.”

At the same time the opportunity has been taken by Kent County Council to improve the cycle lanes leading up to the crossing.

This work has been funded from the Local Transport Plan. This has enabled the widening of the existing cycle lanes from Willow Lea to White Cottage Road.

The work has seen upgrades to the cycle lanes and include a new form of cycle segregation known as Orcas.

These are made from recycled rubber and have been used across the country. They effectively warn cyclists and motorists of the edge of the carriageway and the cycle lane.

This scheme has the added benefit of seeking to encourage slower vehicle speeds and assist in improving road safety in the vicinity of the new zebra crossing and two secondary schools.

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