Young Mums Peer Education Group comes to Parkwood

Youth Central is running a young mothers peer education project with young mums from Parkwood and the surrounding areas.

The project will involve the young mums being taught the skills and knowledge to present information to other young people of a similar age, experience or background.

The young mums meet once a week for two hours and train as peer educators.

They will work towards a BTEC in peer education.

Gary Cooke awarded the group £500 from his KCC members grant to help support the project via his You Decide event.

Programme coordinator Alison Davis said: “I thought the evening was delightful and it is a blessing to hear of so many good projects and the work that goes on in the area and around Maidstone.

“I was equally impressed by your involvement in the community and also that you allow the community to decide where your funding should go in their area. I wish all councillors had your integrity and commitment to the people they serve.”

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