Time for parents to apply for secondary school places

Families of Year 6 children, who will be starting secondary school in September 2015, have a couple of weeks left to submit their application.

Children who sat the Kent Test last month will find out if they were assessed for grammar or high school over the next day or two. Families who registered online can log on after 5pm and view their test outcome if they have retained their log-in and password details.

KCC will also email families who registered online for the test after 4pm today (Wednesday, 15 October) but parents should be aware that the volume of emails sent out mean that some internet service providers delay the delivery of the emails to personal email accounts and this is outside of the control of the LA.

Letters will be sent to all 12,990 families this afternoon, to arrive on doormats from tomorrow and parents are well advised to look at the oversubscription criteria for popular schools and take an informed view about whether they are likely to be able to secure a place at their preferred schools.


gough rogerKCC Cabinet Member for Education and Health Reform Roger Gough, said: “The next couple of weeks are an important time for families of Year 6 children.  It is time to decide which secondary schools are best placed to meet their child’s educational needs as they progress with their education career.  Kent offers a rich and diverse mix of schools and parents should make use of all their available preferences naming the schools they want most in priority order.

“We try to provide as much help as we can and make the process as straightforward as possible. Details of the secondary schools in Kent and how to apply can be found in the ‘Admission to Secondary School in Kent 2015’ booklet available on the www.kent.gov.uk website.

“In addition, I would suggest visiting the relevant secondary schools in your area and get advice from your child’s primary school.”

The deadline for secondary school applications for children starting school in September next year is Friday, 31 October. Year 6 children can name up to four preferred schools. The easiest way to apply is online using the www.kent.gov.uk/ola website.

It is vital that parents carefully consider how their child will get to school, before applying for a school place. The county council’s policy on home-to-school transport shows if there is any help available for their child. See www.kent.gov.uk/schooltransport for more information.


 Notes to editors:

  1. Kent Test in figures (comparing last year to this) 

a. Number who registered for the test (starting school September 2014): 12,648

b. Number who registered for the test (starting school September 2015): 13,704

c.Number who sat the test (starting school September 2014): 12,064

d. Number who sat the test (starting school September 2015):  12,990

e. Number assessed suitable for grammar school, admission September 2014: 5,494 (3,998 Kent /1,488 out of county/8 others such as ‘educated at home’)

f. Number assessed suitable for grammar school, admission September 2015: 5,753 (4,043 Kent /1,696 out of county/ 14 others such as ‘educated at home’)

g.  Grammar school places available for September 2014: 4,570

h. Grammar school places available for September 2015: 4,767

Grammar schools retain the ability to request that the LA make offers in excess of their planned admission number, so this number may increase.

2.  If a child passed the Kent test, will they automatically be offered a grammar school?

No. A Kent grammar school assessment does not guarantee a child will be offered a Kent grammar school place. If more children apply for places than a school can accommodate the school will use its oversubscription criteria to decide which children it can take. Some children assessed suitable for grammar school may be offered places at all-ability schools if no local grammar school can offer them a place.

  1. When will families find out which school they have been allocated?

The national offer day is 2 March, 2015. Families who registered online and provided a valid email address will be sent an email after 4pm on 2 March.

Families will also be sent a letter posted 1st Class on 2 March 2015, advising which school their child has been offered.

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