Symptom-free testing open to the public in Swale and Thanet

Rapid-result coronavirus (COVID-19) testing for people who don’t have symptoms is now available to anyone who lives or works in Swale and Thanet.

The testing will find people who don’t currently have symptoms, who may be unknowingly spreading the virus in the community.

Kent County Council Director of Public Health, Andrew Scott-Clark said: “We have opened up the booking system for our symptom-free testing sites to allow anyone who lives or works in the two districts to get a test. It’s important that as many people without symptoms come forward and book themselves regular tests so we can find people who may be unknowingly transmitting the virus either at home or at work.

“Remember, up to 1 in 3 people may have COVID-19 without any symptoms at all and with this new strain that is more transmissible, we need to identify those people and encourage them to isolate so we break the chain of transmission.

“My message to everyone across Kent is please keep following the tier 4 restrictions and limit your social interactions. It’s important to self-isolate, not only after receiving a positive test result but also while you wait for the results.”

Symptom-free testing sites will be rolled out across the county from 4th January to help try to reduce the rates of COVID-19.

To book a test in Swale and Thanet use this link:

Symptom-free testing sites are being set up using funding from central government to support local councils in tier 4 to help reduce rates of COVID-19.

These sites are in addition to the regional and local testing sites for people who have symptoms. If you have symptoms you should NOT attend one of our symptom-free testing sites but instead book a PCR test


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