Success for Unit Radio

The Unit Radio team from Malling School’s Tydeman Centre took part in a ‘You Decide’ event hosted by Kent County Councillor Trudy Dean and successfully bid for a KCC community grant of £1,625 to pay for essential equipment they need to continue with their future radio shows.

Together with many other local organisations, the team was given three minutes to present their case for funding, after which the audience voted for their favourite projects.

Success for Unit Radio

Success for Unit Radio

Success was assured after the engaging and heart-felt presentation given by the students, describing how Unit Radio has made a huge difference to their confidence and self-esteem.

After the event one of the students, Bailey, said: “I enjoyed getting up in costume with my bros, and being able to do what I do best and perform our speech rather than just read it out.

“I feel this was a big reason why we came first, because with our confidence and performing skills we engaged and captured their hearts.

“The feeling of being announced in first place was astounding.”

Unit Radio was set up by Giles Whitehead at the Tydeman Centre – the speech, language and autism unit at the Malling School – in April 2008.

It is an ongoing project that encourages special needs students to make audio dramas that can be listened to using the internet.

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