“Show Domestic Abuse the Red Card” KCC urges Euro 2020 Domestic Abuse awareness

As Euro 2020 fever sweeps the county, Kent County Council (KCC) is urging fans, residents, and businesses to be extra vigilant for signs of domestic abuse and to help direct victims to support services. 

The ‘Show Domestic Abuse the Red Card’ campaign led by Kent County Council and involving all partners encourages residents, businesses, and community groups to become informed about the crime and be able to direct people to safety, particularly during the Euro 2020 football championship.

Football itself is not the cause for abuse, but research shows that rates increase when England plays. Whatever the score, victims suffer. Cases increase by 38% when England loses a match and 26% when they win or draw.

A recent study found a 47% increase in the number of reported alcohol-related domestic abuse cases on days when England plays and an 18% increase on days after.

A range of shareable resources have been developed, including social media posts and images, as well as a printable poster that can be put up in venues, so that everyone can get behind the campaign.

The Euro 2020 focus is part of a wider ‘Know, See, Speak Out’ awareness-raising initiative created by the partnership, in response to the escalation of risk of Domestic Abuse during the Covid-19 pandemic, to encourage everyone to make it their business to learn about, understand and be able to signpost those experiencing abuse to support.

Since 2017, Kent County Council has worked with Partners to commission the Kent Integrated Domestic Abuse Contract (KIDAS) which provides help for survivors across both community and accommodation-based support and continues to work with partners to build, develop and maximise the support available to those experiencing abuse.

The partnership includes District Councils, Medway Council, Kent Fire and Rescue, Kent Police, The Police and Crime Commissioner’s office, NHS, districts, and the National Probation Service and supports the Kent and Medway Domestic abuse Strategy.

Domestic abuse affects over 2 million people a year in England and Wales, which equates to 75,000 to 80,000 adults in Kent and Medway[1], and makes up 15% of all crime across the region[2].

Clair Bell, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care & Public Health said: “Domestic Abuse continues to be a challenge within our communities, often going unnoticed and unreported.

“Part of our continued efforts with our partners in Kent to further confront and reduce this dreadful crime is to widen and heighten awareness of the signs of Domestic Abuse and the help available both in the community and businesses, particularly during significant moments for our national consciousness.

“As part of this important work, we urge everybody to join us during the Euro 2020 football championship to ‘Show Domestic Abuse the Red Card’, be vigilant in recognising the signs and help to direct victims to safety.”

To access specialist Domestic Abuse support through KIDAS please call Victim Support 0808 168 9111 or visit https://www.domesticabuseservices.org.uk/, where you can also find information, resources and training webinars.

In an emergency, call the police on 999 (if you can’t speak, cough, or tap the handset then press 55 on your phone – the police will know it’s an emergency).

To access the ‘Show Domestic Abuse the Red Card’ resources, follow this link:



Email Bryony Bishop, Kent & Medway Domestic Abuse Social Media Campaign Coordinator at bryony@beebeecomms.com


Notes to Editors:

  • Over 2 million people a year in England and Wales experience domestic abuse (Office for National Statistics)
  • This devastating social issue will affect 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men in their lifetime, with 2 women a week being murdered by their current or ex-partner (Office for National Statistics)
  • In 2017, 26,149 incidents of domestic abuse were recorded by the Police in Kent and Medway, with current trends showing that 38% of all violent crime here is categorised as domestic abuse and that domestic abuse makes up 15% of all crime. (The Kent and Medway Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Executive Strategic Assessment 2019, and 2017 data)
  • Kent Police saw a 13% increase in Domestic Abuse related crime reports from March to November 2020, compared to 2019 (Kent Police incident case reports March to November 2020) and our domestic abuse services have seen an increase in referrals.
  • In England and Wales £1.9 billion a year is lost in economic output due to domestic abuse (Walby, 2009)
  • Domestic Violence incidents account for almost 25% of all reported violent crime, with UK Police receiving a call for assistance once every minute. Domestic violence results in the death of 2 women per week (Office National Statistics, 2019)
  • In the UK, in any one year, more than 20% of employed women take time off work because of domestic violence, and 2% lose their jobs as a direct result of the abuse (The Equality and Human Rights Commission)
  • One in seven (14.2%) children and young people under the age of 18 will have lived with domestic violence at some point in their childhood (Radford et al, NSPCC report, 2011)

Kent County Council

The Council’s domestic abuse strategy sets out our joint vision, priorities, and commitments to reduce the levels of domestic abuse, and ensure that where domestic abuse does take place, all those affected get the right support, quickly. The strategy supports agencies and partnerships to design and deliver the most appropriate responses to anyone affected by domestic abuse in Kent and Medway and focuses on preventing and responding through five key priorities. These priorities are:

  • driving change together
  • prevention and early intervention
  • provision of services
  • minimising harm
  • justice, recovery, and ongoing protection.

Kent Integrated Domestic Abuse Service (KIDAS) 

The integrated approach of KIDAS means victims can access support wherever they are in Kent and has ensured a consistent response for victims and survivors during the pandemic. A central non-emergencies helpline and 24/7 live chat for Kent & Medway is coordinated by Victim Support, with localised helplines delivered by Oasis Domestic Abuse Service (East Kent, Medway, North Kent), Look Ahead (West Kent) and Clarion Housing Group (North and South Kent). A dedicated website has been set up working with Kent County Council and Kent Community Safety Team, with full information for safety planning and access to support at www.domesticabuseservices.org.uk

[1] Domestic abuse – Kent Public Health Observatory (kpho.org.uk)

[2] The Kent and Medway Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Executive Strategic Assessment 2019, and 2017 data

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