Secondary school offer day

This year more children than ever have applied for a place in a Kent secondary school, with 18,797 applications received, an increase of more than 600 over last year.

With 92% of all applications made online, it means from 4pm thousands of Kent families will be logging on to view their accounts or receiving an email to find out which secondary school their child has been offered for this September.

For families who applied on paper forms, offers will be sent out by first class post and letters should arrive over the next few days.

Despite the increase in applications, 363 more Kent children will get their first preference of secondary school for September compared with last year and over 97% will receive an offer from one of their four preferences.

The number of places allocated by the county council has been cut by a third from 641 to 428.

Cllr Roger Gough

Cllr Roger Gough

Roger Gough, KCC’s Cabinet Member for Education and Health Reform, said: “Officers have been hard at work to ensure that there is enough capacity in Kent schools to cope with another year of increased applications.

“In spite of the challenge, 13,159 families will receive their first preference school and 1,840 their second.

“It is a credit to our schools that parental confidence is such that so many have secured their preferred school.

“The excellent work in Kent schools coupled with KCC delivering on its school place planning provision, has meant 2016 will see the highest number of children securing their first preference school to date.

“School allocations can only be made after all preferences have been satisfied, and sadly there are always instances where we are unable to offer parents one of their preferred schools.

“We cannot therefore underestimate the disappointment felt by the 428 children who will be allocated a school by the local authority.

“We would however encourage them to not immediately discount the schools offered and to first visit the schools in question before taking any decisions.

“This is the very first stage of the school allocation process and I would like to reassure parents that a specialist KCC team is on hand to help with any queries they may have.

“Between now and September there will be considerable movement through waiting lists and the appeals process.”

For further advice email

For more information on how to join a waiting list and/or appeal go to

Kent Pupils 2015 2016
  No. of pupils % No of  pupils %
Offered a first preference 12,796 80.51% 13,159 81.37%
Offered a second preference 1,612 10.14% 1,840 11.38%
Offered a third preference 611 3.84% 549 3.39%
Offered a fourth preference 233 1.14% 196 1.21%
Allocated by Local Authority 641 4.03% 428 2.65%
Total number of Kent pupils offered 15,894 16,172


Year 2015 2016
Out of county applicants 2,299 2,624
Offers to out of county pupils at Kent schools 757 803


Year 2015 2016
Total numbers of pupils in the cohort 18,193 18,797
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