Have your say on how household waste is disposed in the county

Kent County Council has unveiled its ambitions in the way it disposes of the county’s household waste.

A consultation has been launched for the Kent Waste Disposal Strategy which will form the backbone plan of how household waste is disposed in the county between 2017 and 2035.

Kent County Council is responsible for the disposal and recycling of Kent’s household waste whilst the district and borough councils are responsible for collecting it.


With a significant increase in housing growth forecast across Kent, the amount of waste produced is expected to rise by approximately 22% – going from 711,000 tonnes to 864,000 tonnes – between now and 2031.

KCC has reduced its annual tonnage of material sent to landfill from 11% in 2014/15 and is now at 4%.

This has been achieved by utilising more recycling and recovery opportunities of the more difficult to deal with waste, such as mattresses and hard plastic objects not currently recycled.

KCC is keen to hear people’s views on the council’s ambition and priorities on the way forward for disposing of the county’s household waste.

The draft strategy sets out the current position, identifies future pressures and outlines how KCC intends to maintain a sustainable waste management service in the face of budgetary pressures.

The six priorities can be viewed online at kent.gov.uk/wastestrategy and views can be given until October 2, 2016.

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