Sandwich toll bridge officially reopened

Sandwich toll bridge has officially reopened today (Friday) after essential maintenance work by Kent County Council.

The Toll Bridge has been shut to traffic and pedestrians since September 21 while major restoration work and mechanical renovation was carried out.

KCC Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport Michael Payne, who was joined by dignitaries from Sandwich Town Council, said: “It was great to officially reopen Sandwich toll bridge today with the work completed within the original timeframe.

“The bridge was lifted on to a low loader using a 500 tonne crane back in September and has had a number of mechanical and electrical repairs that could not be undertaken with it in place. This is to enable it to open and close for marine traffic and operate reliably and safely once again.

“It has also been completely repainted with a special two-part polycarbonate paint to ensure it looks good for a long while to come.

“As well as having a new set of controls, the opportunity was taken to resurface the highway, including the footpath, leading up to the bridge.

“Judging by the gathering of people awaiting it’s reopening, it’s clear that the bridge is well-loved by the people of Sandwich and I’m delighted that it is once again operational in time for Christmas.”

Whilst the bridge is now operational, one of the mechanical components that needed replacement was not readily available ‘off the shelf’.

Rather than delay the reopening, KCC will install the new part during regular maintenance closure.

Further details will be issued when the work has been programmed next year.

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