Review into 20mph schemes

A review into where 20mph schemes could be introduced has been ordered by the KCC cabinet member for transport.

Mike Whiting has asked officers to prepare a report following government research into the schemes.

Cabinet Member for Planning, Highways, Transport and Waste Mike Whiting

Kent County Council funds 20mph limits and there are currently over 800 roads and streets covered.

There is no separate funding for these schemes and, at present, each location is assessed on evidence and potential benefit.

In a letter from Transport Minister Jesse Norman to local councils this week, he highlighted the benefits of 20mph schemes in quality of life and community benefits, and encouragement of healthier and more sustainable transport modes such as walking and cycling.

He said: “Guidance emphasises that traffic authorities have the power to introduce 20mph speed limits or zones on major streets where there are – or could be – significant numbers of journeys on foot, and/or where pedal cycle movements are an important consideration, and this outweighs the disadvantage of longer journey times for motorised traffic.”

Mr Whiting said: “I have asked officers to prepare a report looking into whether we can take a more case by case approach rather than a blanket approach of where we introduce 20mph schemes.

“There is evidence that 20mph schemes encourage healthier transport choices such as walking and cycling. Research in Bristol found increases in levels of walking and cycling of over 20%.”

You can read the report here

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