Conservative HOLD in Canterbury by-election

Counting of the votes in the Kent County Council Canterbury North by-election has finished with the Conservatives holding the seat.

Following the count at the Westgate Hall, Robert Thomas was elected as the KCC councillor for the division with 1,355 votes.

Six candidates were on the ballot in yesterday’s election.

The by-election was called following the death of John Simmonds.

Second place went to Liberal Democrat candidate Alex Lister with 756 votes; third went to Labour Party candidate Ben Hickman with 660 votes.

Henry Stanton of the Green Party received 157 votes; Independent candidate Joe Egerton received 155 votes and UKIP candidate Joe Simons received 120 votes.

The turnout was 26%.

Canterbury North – results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
 Robert James Thomas Conservative 1355 42% Elected
 Alex Lister Liberal Democrat 756 24% Not elected
 Ben Hickman Labour 660 21% Not elected
 Henry Stanton Green Party 157 5% Not elected
 Joe Egerton Independent 155 5% Not elected
 Joe Simons UK Independence Party 120 4% Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 1
Total votes 3,203
Electorate 12,326
Number of ballot papers issued 3,210
Number of ballot papers rejected 7
Turnout 26%
Share of the votes (%)
Robert James Thomas 42% Elected
Alex Lister 24% Not elected
Ben Hickman 21% Not elected
Henry Stanton 5% Not elected
Joe Egerton 5% Not elected
Joe Simons 4% Not elected

Share of 1st vote (%)

Candidate Percentage
Robert James Thomas 42
Alex Lister 24
Ben Hickman 21
Henry Stanton 5
Joe Egerton 5
Joe Simons 4
Rejected ballot papers
Description Number
Unmarked or void for uncertainty 6
Voting for more candidates than entitled 1
Total rejected 7
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