Request for Judicial Review thrown out by High Court Judge

A request for a judicial review by Maidstone Borough Council into how Kent County Council released funds for a road project has been thrown out by a High Court Judge.

KCC requested that Maidstone Borough Council release £200,000 of developer contributions for surveys into the possibility of a Leeds-Langley by-pass.

The money would be used for surveys and traffic modelling to assess the benefit or otherwise of the relief road.

The decision from the High Court of Justice refused the judicial review by Maidstone Borough Council, the claimant in the case, and ordered it to pay £9,000 costs to the defendant, Kent County Council, to cover legal fees.

In her ruling, Mrs Justice Lang said: “In my view, the claimant has not presented arguable grounds that the defendant’s decision was unlawful.

“The defendant is acting pursuant to its statutory powers.”

KCC Cabinet Member for Planning, Highways, Transport and Waste Mike Whiting said: “It was disappointing that Maidstone Borough Council took this decision to go to court – something I believe to be a poor use of the taxpayer’s pound.

“There was never merit in the call for a judicial review and we are glad that this has been brought to a swift end, with the judge highlighting that we acted within our statutory powers.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Maidstone on future plans for the town.”

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