Party held to celebrate efforts and commitment of Forces Reserves

Celebrations of Armed Forces Day across the country were preceded by events to mark the importance of the work of Reserves supporting the Army, Navy, RAF and Royal Marines.

Employers across the country were encouraged to mark the dedication, professionalism and commitment of their staff who serve the country in this way, making up a sixth of the Armed Forces.

KCC therefore invited former Forces personnel who now work for the council, together with Reserves working for the  council together with  family members to a party at County Hall, Maidstone, hosted by KCC Chairman David Brazier.

KCC member Richard Long (pictured), who is a serving Reservist and the council’s Armed Forces Champion, told guests: “Better employers now actively support their Reservist employees, both because it is right to do so, and because they have started to recognize the qualities that reservists bring to their organisations, and KCC is one of them.

“I don’t think it is so much the actual skills that employers value, or ought to value. Rather it is the values and standards that the Armed Forces always promoted and have now formalized – courage, discipline, respect, integrity, loyalty and selfless commitment.

“We here all recognize that list. We know the value of loyalty to our colleagues, of commitment to the job, of integrity in speaking truth to power. And aren’t these exactly the values that need to be at the heart of any public service?

“From the Leader down, and across all parties, KCC is not just paying lip service to support for reservists. It gets the added value we bring to the council’s work.

“No one here has volunteered for Reserve service because we might get paid holiday or even job protection, but we can appreciate the recognition and value our jobs here more because of it.”

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