Open your heart to fostering in Herne Bay

A fostering information event is being held in Herne Bay on 7 February to help boost recruitment in this vital sector.

More carers are needed across the county to help provide stable, permanent homes for vulnerable young individuals, which can make a crucial difference to their future.

Prospective foster carers can hear presentations from people doing this rewarding role at an event at 7pm on 7 February, at Herne Bay Junior School, Kings Road, Herne Bay CT6 5DA.

Paul Calder, who has been a foster carer for almost three years, will be speaking about his experience at the event which he describes as “extremely rewarding.”

He said: “My wife and I were working full-time and felt like we were never home enough with our daughter and wanted more time at home so we began looking into fostering.

“We actually used to host foreign exchange students before this and it was a really good experience. Students would come and stay with us for anywhere up to a few weeks and that required good parenting skills.”

Paul explained that he and his wife went along to a fostering information event and heard first-hand accounts which were intriguing. They began the process to foster which took about nine months which Paul said “felt like a long time but completely necessary as these checks made sure people could provide quality care for children.”

Paul is the main carer and currently is looking after three children and his daughter. He said: “I am learning so much and it is so interesting. We have one boy at the moment who has been with us since we first started fostering and he came to us with no confidence and extremely quiet and the changes we have seen in him are just extraordinary.

“Over time we are making a difference to a child’s life for the better and there is nothing more rewarding than that. I would recommend fostering to those who have a room to spare and want to make a difference to someone’s life. You can help a child and guide them down the correct path in life and help them become a well-rounded adult, what could be more rewarding than that?”

Foster carers need a spare room in their home and the determination and understanding to make life better for vulnerable children in Kent. They can be single, in a long-term relationship, with or without children and do not need to own their own home.

More families are needed in Kent for children with disabilities and learning difficulties, some of whom have complex needs, to give them the chance of a better future.

To find out more, visit the Herne Bay fostering information event on 7 February or visit Alternatively phone 03000 420002 and speak to one of our advisors.

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