New website helping make travel cleaner, greener and cheaper

A new website has launched with the aim of reducing congestion, tackling air pollution, and saving time and money on journeys in Kent.

Kent Connected boasts many features, from advice and tips on changing and improving travel habits, to a journey planner that provides a range of travel options comparing time, costs, C02, and calories burned.

For example, a trip from Canterbury to Dover would take 50 minutes by car, creating 11.42kg of C02. However, by bus, it’s an extra 10 minutes but produces only 5.89kg of C02.


If you consider petrol and car parking costs, traveling by bus is usually cheaper than driving.

Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport Matthew Balfour said: “This isn’t about telling people they should stop driving their car, but we hope an easy-to-use website might make people consider different options on how they reach their destinations.

“Sometimes you need to get from A to B as quickly as possible; other times, you might want to make a day of it with the family.

“This journey planner will provide you with tailored information to help you make smarter travel choices.”

The website is available to be used for any journey, but has been particularly tailored towards reducing rush hour congestion, providing commuters with advice and information on alternative travel options, from walking and cycling, to car-sharing and working from home.

There are currently estimated to be 38 million empty car seats during rush hour – if half of motorists shared a lift on just one day of the week, congestion could be reduced by up to one third.

Kent Connected also contains bespoke information pages for specific groups, providing travel advice for businesses, students and visitors.

Kent Connected is a Kent County Council initiative, funded by the Department for Transport’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

Visit for more information and to plan your next journey.

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