New pedestrian signs for Folkestone

New signs to help visitors get around Folkestone town centre are being installed over the next few weeks.

Kent County Council, in partnership with Shepway District Council and Folkestone Town Council is launching the network of signs to help visitors navigate around the town and explore new areas.

The signs focus on getting people from the Folkestone Central railway station to the town centre, the Harbour and the Leas.

The new signs that point the way around the town.

The new signs that point the way around the town.

KCC’s Transport Innovations officer Charlotte Owen said: “People unfamiliar with an area need a clear, straightforward route with as few changes of direction as possible.

“This is why we decided to guide people from Folkestone Central along the beautiful Castle Hill Avenue towards the town centre, Harbour and the Leas.

“Castle Hill Avenue’s iconic central boulevard provides a wonderful welcome to Folkestone and also makes it hard for visitors to get lost on their way into town.

“Whilst locals will always know shortcuts and the most direct paths, visitors need clear and easy-to-follow routes, so we have opted to sign slightly longer routes where visitors have their whole journey sign posted.”

signs2To achieve value for money, signs guide pedestrians along key routes instead of placing them on every street corner.

There are three types of sign being introduced: monoliths, fingerposts and town trail boards.

The monoliths are large and show a clear map of the area, allowing people to orient themselves and plan their route.

Fingerposts then reassure people they are on the right route.

Town trail boards are an initiative promoted by Folkestone Town Council and show historical information relevant to the local area, allowing users to appreciate their surroundings and learn about its history and significance.

The monoliths and town trail boards will be installed in the next few weeks with old signs being removed. The content of Town Trail boards is being prepared over the coming year by local volunteers.

Click here to see more information, including a map of the network and an example of what the monoliths will look like.

View a map of locations for the signs and the routes visitors will follow

View a sample of some of the signs being introduced

Where the signs will go

Where the signs will go

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