National secondary school offer day

Secondary Schools Offer Alert: Please note that letters regarding school offers have been sent but due to the adverse weather conditions may experience delay in delivery through Royal Mail.

Emails are being sent out today, Thursday 1st March, throughout the day.

If you require more information about offers, and the appeal process, please go to

Please note that we are not able to take calls regarding secondary school offers until Monday 5th March as officers need to prioritise work that ensures resident safety during the current weather conditions.  

We appreciate your understanding and remind parents that this is the very first stage of the school offer process and nothing will change between now and March 5th.

Thank you in advance for your support and understanding.


For the fifth consecutive year, more children than ever have applied for a place in a Kent secondary school, with a total of 20,731 applications received. That’s an increase of more than 1,320 since last year and more than double last year’s increase.

From 4pm today (Thursday, March 1) thousands of Kent families will be logging on to view their accounts or receiving an email to find out which secondary school their child has been offered for this September. For families who applied on paper forms, offers went out by first class post today and letters should arrive over the next few days.

Despite the huge increase in application numbers, 445 more Kent children will get their first preference of secondary school for September compared with last year. Over 95% of families will receive an offer from one of their four preferences.

Youngsters will find out today which secondary school they have been offered a place at

Roger Gough, Kent County Council’s Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Education, said: “The growth in demand for Kent school places is an ongoing challenge and I must congratulate KCC officers and Kent schools for continuing to support KCC in ensuring we do everything possible to enable children to access a good local school.

“I continue to be encouraged, that despite the growing challenges year on year, children of Kent families are being offered a record number of first preference school places, up to 13,891, and that in addition to this, a further 1,937 children received their second preference offer.

“Securing such high numbers of parental preference shows families have confidence in their local schools and it is testament to the great work delivered by the excellent staff in Kent schools in raising education standards.

“Despite 16,677 children securing a school of their preference, unfortunately, each year a number of parents cannot be offered a place at one of their named schools. We cannot therefore underestimate the disappointment felt by the 765 children who will be allocated a school by the Local Authority.

“I would, however, encourage parents to visit the schools with an open mind before forming any views about their suitability and would strongly recommend meeting with teachers and staff before any final decision is taken.

“This is the very first stage of the school allocation process and I would like to reassure parents that a specialist KCC team is on hand to help with any queries they may have. Between now and September there will be considerable movement through waiting lists and the appeals process so do not be too disheartened if you have been unable to secure your preferred school through this first phase of the process.”

For further advice please email:

For more information on how to join a waiting list and/or appeal go to:

  1. Parents will have until 16 March to accept or refuse their offer and return waiting list forms.
  2. Parents must also lodge any appeals for their named schools by 29 March to be heard as on time.
  3. KCC will reallocate places from schools waiting lists sending out a second round of offers on 25 April
  4. From 25 April, schools will maintain their own waiting lists and parents can apply to schools direct via the ‘In Year Common Application Form’ after this date to ask to be placed on the waiting list. (Note – only children assessed suitable for grammar school can be placed on a grammar school waiting list.)
  5. Please see the table below for additional preference information.
Kent Pupils 2018 2017
  No. of pupils % No of % pupils  
Offered a first preference 13,891 79.64% 13,418 80.35%
Offered a second preference 1,937 11.11% 1,861 11.15%
Offered a third preference 641 3.67% 593 3.55%
Offered a fourth preference 208 1.19% 194 1.16%
Allocated by Local Authority 765 4.39% 633 3.79%
Total number of Kent pupils offered 17,442 16,697


Year 2018 2017
Out of county applicants 3,289 2,744
Offers to out of county pupils at Kent schools 818 810


Year 2018 2017
Total numbers of pupils in the cohort 20,731 19,411
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