More primary school pupils offered their first choice

Over 97% of children across Kent will start their formal education in 2019 at a Primary school named by their parents on their application.

That figure – 16,839 children in all – includes 15,450 who were offered their first preference. This takes the percentage of first-choice placements to over 89%.

Roger Gough, Kent County Council’s Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Education, said: “Following a successful Secondary National Offer Day, officers have continued to work hard to ensure that as many pupils secured one of their preferred Primary schools and we are pleased to see so many families get a favourable offer today.

More than 97% of families got a place at one of their chosen schools

“We should not lose sight of the fact that 447 pupils (2.6%) have not been given a school of their preference. We appreciate this will be a disappointing and concerning time for those pupils and their families, but we would urge them not to be discouraged as this is only the first stage in the applications process. Many pupils will secure places through waiting lists and reallocation, and I would like to reassure parents and guardians that a specialist KCC team is on hand to help them make the most of the options available to them.”

Parents who applied online will receive an email after 4pm today (Tuesday, April 16), indicating which school they have been offered; the timing of the email will depend on the email service provider. Parents can also log in after 5pm to view the offer online. Those who applied by post will be sent notification by first class post today.

Children find out today which primary school they have been offered a place at

Parents can accept their school place offers or seek alternatives if they are not happy with their allocation. Despite the increase in application numbers, it is likely there will be considerable movement on school waiting lists between now and September as some families don’t take up places they’ve been offered. Parents/guardians are asked to approach the school they have been offered with an open mind but to remember they have the option to join a waiting list for an alternative school or lodge an appeal.


For more information on how to join a waiting list and/or appeal go to: or phone the admissions team on 03000 412121.





Note to journalists:


  1. Parents will have until Monday, May 13 to accept or refuse their offer and return waiting list forms.
  2. Parents must lodge any appeals for their named schools by Tuesday, May 21 to be heard on time.
  3. KCC will reallocate places from schools waiting lists, sending out a second round of offers on Wednesday, June 12.
  4. From Wednesday, June 12, schools will maintain their own waiting lists and parents can apply to schools directly after this date to ask to be placed on the waiting list.
  5. Please see the table below for additional preference information.



Offers to Kent Pupils 2019 2018
No. of pupils % No. of pupils %
Offered a school named on the application form 16,839 97.41% 16,843 97.74%
Offered a first preference 15,450 89.38% 15,426 89.51%
Offered a second preference 1,057 6.11% 1,093 6.34%
Offered a third preference 332 1.92% 324 1.88%
Allocated by local authority 447 2.59% 390 2.26%
Total number of offers 17,286 17,233



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