Message of support for pupils due to sit the Kent Test

Shellina Prendergast, Kent County Council’s Cabinet Member for Education and Skills, said: “My colleagues and I would like to send our very best wishes to Kent pupils who are taking the Kent Test today (Thursday, September 9) as well as children from outside the county who will be sitting it over the weekend. I know you may feel nervous but please try not to worry and just do your best.

Shellina Prendergast, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills

“The Kent Test is open to all children in school Year 6, and those of equivalent age who are educated at home, and is designed to assess whether a child is likely to be suitable for selective education. Passing the Test does not guarantee a child a place at a grammar school and families will still need to apply for a secondary school place for their child by Monday, November 1. The vast majority of primary schools in Kent host the Kent Test meaning most in-county pupils will be able to sit the Test at their own school. Last year 15,634 children sat the Kent Test and 7,940 of those were assessed as being suitable for grammar school. The Test covers English, maths and verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

“Each year, children who are likely to excel in a grammar school setting are encouraged to sit the Kent Test, regardless of their family’s circumstances or financial situation, and Kent County Council works closely with both primaries and grammar schools to ensure the selective school system is as inclusive as possible. We understand that even the most academic child may not perform as well as expected on the day of the Test, perhaps due to illness or nerves, and we have therefore always had the Kent Test Head Teacher Assessment (HTA) as an additional opportunity for a child’s wider circumstances to be considered before their assessment is finalised. This part of the process helps to minimise the risk of any child being at a disadvantage when compared to their peers. KCC also publishes familiarisation materials on its website to ensure all pupils have the opportunity to get used to what the paper will look like before the day of the Test; alternative assessment arrangements are made for pupils with severe visual impairments.

“I would like to thank head teachers, teachers, school staff, and colleagues in KCC’s Fair Access team who have worked hard to ensure this year’s Kent Test can go ahead in September, as it always did before the COVID-19 pandemic, and that everyone sitting the Test can do so safely. I would like to remind both Kent and out of county pupils that you should not attend your Test if you exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 on the day or are in a period of self-isolation; alternative arrangements will be made for you as long as your parents or carers can provide evidence as to why you could not attend.”

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