Kent Test Results Day 2021

Pupils who sat the Kent Test last month will find out their results today.

Families who registered online will be sent an email from Kent County Council after 4pm today (Thursday, October 21) with their child’s assessment outcome. Due to the volume of emails sent out, some providers may delay the delivery of the emails to personal email accounts; this is outside the control of the county council. If they registered online, families can also log on after 5pm today and view their child’s result and scores. First Class letters will also be sent to all families who did not supply a valid email address when they applied.

This year a total of 16,012 children sat the Kent Test – 11,099 who live in the county and the remainder from other local authority areas. Of the Kent children who sat the Test, 4,975 were assessed as being suitable for grammar school.

Shellina Prendergast, Kent County Council’s Cabinet Member for Education and Skills, said: “I would like to congratulate all pupils who found out their Kent Test result today. Your results mean your family can now apply for a school that will provide you with a fantastic place to start your secondary education. In Kent we are lucky to have a rich and diverse mix of high quality selective and non-selective schools so I would urge families whose child did not get the results they were hoping for not to worry and to look carefully at all options available to them before applying for a secondary school place.”

Secondary school applications for Kent residents are open now and close on Monday, November 1. Receiving a selective assessment in the Kent Test does not guarantee a child a place at a Kent grammar school, it means they can be considered for any Kent grammar school their parent names on the Secondary Common Application Form (SCAF) on National Offer Day (Tuesday, March 1, 2022). Places will be offered in line with each school’s admissions criteria, which can be found at Families are advised to make use of all four options on their SCAF as selecting fewer schools will not increase their chances of gaining a place at a preferred school.

Shellina Prendergast, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills

KCC anticipates that the Kent children who have been assessed as being suitable for grammar school will, in most cases, enjoy priority for the 5,592* places available in the county over pupils from other authorities. Although KCC supports the right of all parents and carers, the nature of the school admissions process means that most children will ultimately secure places in their own local authority area.

Christine McInnes, Kent County Council’s Director of Education, said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all school and KCC staff who worked hard to ensure the Kent Test process, including the Head Teacher Assessment Panel, ran smoothly this year. Although Kent, along with the rest of the country, has begun its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, we must not underestimate the efforts colleagues have gone to in order to ensure every child who wished to sit the Kent Test could do so and do so safely.”

The Head Teacher Assessment Panel exists to ensure pupils are not excluded from grammar school if they are unable to evidence a selective assessment via the test. If a child does not reach the threshold score in their Kent Test, their primary school can refer them to the local HTA Panel, which will look at their achievement in school and examples of their work, including the writing task completed on the day, before a final decision is made.

Details of secondary schools in Kent and the Secondary Transfer process can be found at

KCC’s guidance on home-to-school transport allows parents to see whether there is any help available for their child and should be considered before finalising admissions applications. Details can be found here:

For further advice on call 03000 41 21 21 or email




Notes to journalists:


  1. Kent Test in figures (comparing last year to this)
  1. Number who registered for the test (starting school September 2021): 17,079
  2. Number who registered for the test (starting school September 2022): 17,278
  3. Number who sat the test (starting school September 2021):  15,634
  4. Number who sat the test (starting school September 2022):  16,012
  5. Number assessed suitable for grammar school, admission September 2021: 7,940 (4,878 Kent / 3,062 out of county and others such as ‘educated at home’)
  6. Number assessed suitable for grammar school, admission September 2022:  8,088 (4,975 Kent / 3,113 out of county and others such as ‘educated at home’)
  7. Grammar school places available for September 2021: 5,724
  8. Grammar school places available for September 2022: 5,592*

*Grammar schools retain the ability to request that the county council make offers in excess of their planned admission number, so this number may increase.

  1. If a child passed the Kent test, will they automatically be offered a grammar school place?

No. A Kent grammar school assessment does not guarantee a child will be offered a Kent grammar school place. If more children apply for places than a school can accommodate the school will use its oversubscription criteria to decide which children it can take. Some children assessed suitable for grammar school may be offered places at all-ability schools if no local grammar school can offer them a place or if their parents name it as a higher preference.

  1. When will families find out which school they have been allocated?

The national offer day is Tuesday, March 1, 2022. Families who registered online and provided a valid email address will be sent an email after 4pm on Tuesday, March 1 or can view their offer online at 5pm on the same day.

Families who did not provide a valid email address will be sent a letter posted 1st Class on Tuesday, March 1, advising which school their child has been offered.

  1. How is the Kent Test marked?

Children will get three standardised scores, one for English, one for Maths and one for Reasoning.

Standardisation is a statistical process which compares a child’s performance with the average performance of other children in each test. A slight adjustment is made to take into account each child’s age so that the youngest are not at a disadvantage.

This year’s score ranges will be published later this month.

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