Kent Test (11+) registration opens 1 June

Registration for Kent Test (11+) opens on Wednesday 1 June and runs until Friday 1 July.

Any parents who would like their children to be considered for a place in a Kent Grammar school need to register for them to take the test.

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Tests will take place after the summer break on 8 September for children who go to school in Kent and 10 September for children who go to school outside of Kent.

To be registered for testing, children must be resident in the UK and expecting to start their final year in primary school in September 2016.

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Roger Gough, KCC Cabinet Member for Education said: “The Kent Test helps parents and children find the most suitable type of school for the next stage of their education and parents can choose up to four schools in order of preference.

“Any parent considering a grammar school for their child needs to register for them to take the test.

“We are particularly keen to encourage pupils eligible for free school meals to register and sit the test as more grammar schools move to include priority for these learners in their admissions arrangements.

“The best way to register is online, 95% of all test registrations are made this way; it speeds up the process and allows results to be sent by email.”

Parents who register online will be sent their child’s assessment by e-mail after 4pm on 13 October, those who register by post will get the assessment decision in a letter sent by first class post on 13 October.

On National Offer Day, March 1, 2017, the county council will offer parents the highest available of their preferences, not necessarily a grammar school.

Parents have a right to appeal for any school they named and were not offered, and if their child is eligible to join a waiting list for their preferred school they could later get a place which has become vacant since the first offers were made.

Obtaining a ‘grammar assessment’ in the Kent test does not guarantee that a child will be offered a grammar school place as – like any popular school – grammar schools may be oversubscribed.

By law, oversubscribed schools must use their oversubscription criteria to rank children for admission.

Children living outside Kent will need to apply for a Kent school place via their own Local Authority’s preference form.

To register online, log on to

Alternatively a paper copy of the test registration form can be downloaded from the here, picked up from primary schools, or sent to you by post on request – call 03000 41 21 21 or email 


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