KCC welcomes extra funding for social care services

An extra £26 million has been given to Kent County Council’s social care services in the Chancellor’s spring budget.

The government announced a £2 billion cash injection for care over the next three years – of which Kent County Council will get an additional £26 million in 2017/18.

Paul Carter

Paul Carter

Kent County Council Leader Paul Carter said: “We’re delighted we’ve received this additional money to fund social care.

“Providers have been under enormous pressure as the ageing population grows and we work extremely hard to deliver a quality service in very difficult times.

“We have long lobbied government for more money and a fairer distribution of that money to counties that desperately need it. Let’s be clear, whilst we have been given additional funding, the gap still remains.

“Sustainable funding for social care will continue to be a challenge for Kent County Council but I’m pleased that the government has announced a Green Paper looking into sustainable funding for the future.”

Adult social care is the biggest spend for KCC at around 40% of the council’s overall budget.

This year, approximately £364 million will be spent on adult social care.

Over the past six years, KCC has delivered over £0.5 billion of savings across the whole range of council services to address the challenge of rising spending and reduced government funding.

The adult social care budget, as a proportion of overall KCC spend, has continued to rise.

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