KCC launches new Select Committee on Affordable Housing

Kent County Council’s Affordable Housing Select Committee has held its first meeting and agreed its terms of reference.

The topic had been proposed by Mrs Trudy Dean and added to the work programme. In July, the Scrutiny Committee confirmed the establishment of the Select Committee, with the remit to undertake a review of the key issues around affordable housing and explore how KCC can contribute in a positive manner.

The committee is cross-party and independent from the council’s executive.  It will gather information via hearing sessions with relevant witnesses and the collection of written submissions from experts and interested stakeholders.

Affordable Housing Select Committee – Terms of Reference

  1. To define and put into context affordable housing.
  2. To explore KCC’s current role in supporting the development of new affordable housing in Kent.
  3. To consider additional ways in which KCC can support the development of affordable housing in Kent.

Once the evidence is collected and considered, the committee will develop formal recommendations.

The Chair of the Committee, Mr Robert Thomas, said: “This Select Committee will be a great opportunity for members to delve into this complicated issue, consider how Kent fits into the national context and hopefully identify some key areas where KCC can perhaps do more to improve the situation and increase the availability of affordable housing.

“Although the county council is not the local planning authority, it has a key role to play in the delivery of affordable housing. This is typically true in larger planning applications for housing where the development viability assessment, which examines the financial deliverability of the scheme, dictates how much infrastructure can be delivered. This includes roads, education, health provision as well as the amount of affordable housing.

“It will be vital that the committee considers a range of fresh evidence from a wide array of sources but also that it takes into account the research and academic work that has already been undertaken in this area.

“I am looking forward to working with my fellow committee members on a cross-party basis to make the most of this chance to engage with the range of important external stakeholders involved in the housing sector.”

To help the Select Committee gather as many views on this important issue as possible, KCC would welcome any written submissions about Affordable Housing. If you would like to send information for the Select Committee to consider, please email select.committee@kent.gov.uk by Sunday, 26 January.

Once the Select Committee has developed recommendations, these will be presented in a report that will be considered at a full county council meeting.

You can find out more information about the Select Committee here: https://democracy.kent.gov.uk/documents/s94945/Affordable-Housing-Select-Committee-Topic-Review.pdf

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