KCC launches new adoption campaign – Changing Futures

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Kent County Council is launching a new adoption campaign to find homes for 43 children who urgently need to find forever families.

For the first time, potential parents will be able to read about these children’s lives, loves and needs on the KCC adoption website.

KCC is finding homes for youngsters in Kent every day but some of these 43 vulnerable children have been waiting for some time and urgently need a family now or face a future in care.

Many of the vulnerable youngsters are siblings, are a little older or have some level of disability which means they may have been overlooked by adopters in the past. KCC is hoping that being able to read about the real children who are looking for homes will help people to see past any preconceptions and see the loving and rewarding individuals they are.

Isabelle*, 4, and Sophie*, 2

Isabelle and Sophie live with their foster carers where they are happy and loving girls. They love to play together. Like any sisters, they can disagree, but they are soon friends again.

Isabelle loves being outside zooming around on her pink scooter or swinging on the swing. She loves her sleep and, like many pre-schoolers, can be fussy with food. She is popular with friends and staff at pre-school and she is particularly fond of animals and babies.

Sophie enjoys nothing more than a cuddle and is a smiley, giggly girl, even first thing in the morning. She is happy when playing with building blocks, or her toy food, or when she is giggling in her baby swing.
She’s a little underweight which means she has help to build up her strength. She is cruising around the furniture and taking steps with her walker so one day she will be chasing her sister on two feet! Sophie and Isabelle want to stick together and need a family who have enough love to give them both a happy future.

George*, 6

George is a loveable and popular little boy who is always smiling. He enjoys going to school and his teachers say he is doing really well.  He loves to play with other children and is really kind and loving towards younger boys and girls. He might be a little smaller than his classmates but he makes up for this with his huge personality.

At home, he really likes to be outside and is a budding gardener, tending to his plants. He adores being lavished with cuddles from his carers and his dream is to one day go to Legoland.

Archie*, 4 and Harry*, 3

Cheeky brothers Archie and Harry are very close and have always looked out for one another.  Archie is full of fun, and delights in making other people laugh. When he’s not busy entertaining others, he loves nothing more than to run around outside or set up a city with his toy trains and cars. Since he’s been living in a loving home, his confidence has improved dramatically and his speech is now so good that he no longer needs help. He can still a bit shy to ask for a cuddle, so he needs a family who are open and affectionate to show him that it’s okay. He’s doing well at school and has made lots of good friends. His teachers say he is happy and full of energy and jokes!

Harry is so loving and caring and has lots of friends at nursery. He loves to learn new things. He finds it easy to join in with activities and gets stuck in to whatever he’s doing. His favourite place to play is out in the open air – especially at the seaside, paddling with his brother.

These lovely boys have a bright future ahead of them and would love to stay together in a calm and caring family home with a mum or a dad who can always be there for them.

Ethan*, 3

Affectionate Ethan can often be found deep in a cuddle with his foster carers. He is a little boy who gets on with everyone he meets. He loves puzzles and musical toys, as well as stacking toys and finding things in bags.

Nothing tickles him more than building blocks until they wobble and fall, sending him into giggles, before building them back up again. A little nature lover, he loves seeing birds flying through the sky and watching the animals that visit the garden.

His words are coming, he is getting more confident as he has more new experiences, and, with love and encouragement, he is starting to reach development milestones. A trusting and likeable character, Ethan is seeking patient and loving parents to care for him.

Can you give Sophie and Isabelle, George, Harry and Archie or Ethan the loving families which could change their lives? If so text Adoption to 88802 or visit the Kent adoption website.

Kent County Council is also holding an event for anyone who wants find out more about adoption:

Adoption information event – Saturday 19 July, Hilton Maidstone, Bearsted Road, ME14 5AA. Please see the Kent adoption website for details.

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of the children. All other details about the children are correct.

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