KCC launches Keep Kent Clean campaign

The weekend of the Great British Spring Clean might be over but Kent County Council shows no signs of slowing down in getting the garden of England to live up to its name.

Around 120 litter picks were carried out across Kent by volunteers, and our Community Wardens, Country Parks and Highways teams were involved in contributing to keeping Kent clean, but cleaning up the county will continue throughout March and April with the launch of the Keep Kent Clean campaign.

The campaign is aimed at getting people to respect the county after the hard work of volunteers cleaning it up over the weekend.

KCC Leader Paul Carter said: “I’d like to say a big thank you to all of our staff and everyone who took part in clean-ups in their local communities over the weekend.

“At this time of year nature is pretty raw and after a fairly hard winter the county looks at its worse.

“We’re building on the work that has already been done; we’re out there with more litter picks, more sign cleaning, painting lines, planting shrubs and having pride in our county.

“We have been co-ordinating Kent’s clean-up efforts with our partners at district and parish councils, as well as Highways England, because we want to see an end to littering and keeping Kent beautiful is something we can all play a part in.”

The campaign is being supported by a series of videos which show Kent rejecting the litter being thrown on the ground.

There will also be regular updates on what is being done via the council’s Twitter and Facebook pages and anyone who has taken part in a tidy-up is encouraged to share their photos.

KCC’s own work includes vegetation clearance, white line refreshing, litter picks in certain areas and cleaning of road signs.

About 2.25 million pieces of litter are dropped on the streets of the UK every day with 30 million tons of rubbish collected from England’s streets each year.

District and borough councils in England spend over £700 million on street cleaning services every year.

Keep Kent Clean Launch from Kent County Council on Vimeo.

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