KCC keen for traffic data ahead of Lower Thames Crossing

Kent County Council has received reassurance from Highways England that traffic modelling data expected last year will be available soon.

Uncertainty over how Kent’s roads will cope with the new Lower Thames Crossing prompted KCC’s Cabinet Member for Transport Mike Whiting to write to government expressing his concerns.

Cabinet Member for Planning, Highways, Transport and Waste Mike Whiting

Mr Whiting said: “We believe the crossing will have an effect on the local road network and we are keen to understand what those impacts will be and how they will be minimised and mitigated.

“However, until that modelling is made available, we are unable to fully understand the anticipated traffic flows on both our existing network and future committed schemes.”

Kent County Council has been campaigning for a new Lower Thames Crossing to be built for more than 15 years to relieve the congestion and overloading at the existing Dartford Crossing.

With peak flows often exceeding 162,000 movements a day, it has long exceeded its design capacity of 135,000 vehicles a day.

KCC is keen to ensure that the A227 into Istead Rise and Meopham along with the A2 into Thong, Shorne and Cobham is included in the traffic modelling assessment.

Highways England has said the information is now due in the summer.

Mr Whiting added: “Highways England has assured us that the A227 and A2 will be included in the modelling and meetings with our officers are to be held in the next few weeks to discuss the issue.

“KCC supports the route chosen by the Secretary of State but it is vital that everyone works together to make the new route a success and ensure we keep the environmental and community impacts to a minimum.”

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