KCC Highways is closing Tonbridge Road in Pembury

KCC Highways has closed Tonbridge Road, Pembury to northbound traffic from the Tunbridge Wells Hospital entrance to the Longfield Road junction to enable works to safely be carried out in preparation to construct a new footway/cycleway.

That section of road remained open to southbound traffic coming from Longfield Road junction, towards the hospital, to assist people approaching it from the north.

Since these measures were put in place on Monday, high levels of congestion have been experienced by people leaving the hospital during the afternoon peak, as the volumes of traffic approaching the Pembury Road junction has been exceeding its capacity.

In order to eliminate this problem, KCC is closing Tonbridge Road to all traffic between Longfield Road junction and the hospital entrance.

The traffic signals at the hospital entrance will be turned off, allowing vehicles to enter and exit hospital property freely.

This method of traffic management worked well during the recent similar closure as part of the A21 dualling scheme.

The closure will be in place no later than 3pm today, 13 October 2017 and will remain for 4½ weeks.

Tonbridge Road will remain open to all traffic between the Pembury Road junction (Woodsgate Corner) and the hospital throughout.

KCC Highways wishes to apologise for the inconvenience this traffic congestion has caused to hospital patients, staff and visitors this week.

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