KCC consults on Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

People are being asked their views on a strategy to ensure the county is prepared to manage local flood risks.

The Kent Local Flood Risk Management Strategy, which is out to consultation until October 8, outlines various objectives to manage and minimise the risks of local floods.

It considers various sources of flooding risks such as surface water, groundwater, and ordinary watercourses – those that are not considered main rivers.

It also sets out how local flood risks will be managed by the authorities involved.

These include the Environment Agency, district and borough councils, internal drainage boards and water companies.

KCC cabinet member for the environment Matthew Balfour said: “There are four main aims to this strategy.

“We want to ensure we understand the different flood risks unique to communities around the county and reduce the risk of local flooding.

“We also want to make sure new developments take into account and manage flood risks so as not to cause more of an issue and that people understand flood risks in their area and are able to protect themselves.

“Local flooding may not make the headlines in the same way as river flooding does, but is can be just as damaging to people’s homes and businesses and the effects can be devastating to people’s lives.

“We would like to hear from you on whether you agree with the objectives we’ve laid out to ensure we minimise the risk to the people of Kent.

“This local strategy will build upon the lessons we have learned and to continue to develop our understanding of flood risk and improve how we work together.”

To take part visit www.kent.gov.uk/localfloodrisk


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