KCC completes countywide £7.1 million resurfacing programme

Kent County Council has completed a countywide £7.1 million resurfacing programme to extend the life of around 720,000 square metres of Kent’s roads.

Known as micro surfacing, the specialist treatment seals the surface of roads to preserve the structure and prevent potholes.

KCC Cabinet member for Highways and Transport Michael Payne said: “To put these figures into context, this is the equivalent of resurfacing the area of 1,321 Wembley football pitches or the length of road between Maidstone and Cambridge.

“Kent Highways has carried on working throughout the Coronavirus pandemic as government classed personnel working on our roads as key workers. My thanks go to our contractors Amey and Colas who have carried out the work on behalf of Kent Highways over the last six months.”

Micro surfacing is a quick and efficient process that brings benefits to Kent road users and taxpayers by extending the lifecycle of the road in the most economical fashion.

The treatment can preserve a treated road for eight to 10 years and extends the time before more disruptive and extensive renewal works are required.

Mr Payne added: “When compared to other treatments, micro surfacing is a process that is the cost effective epitome of prevention being better than cure.

“This attitude is fundamental to a county such as Kent which has one of the largest and most heavily used road networks in Great Britain.

“While we’ve been able to carry out larger resurfacing and renewal works on the poorer areas of our road network, we always keep one eye on protecting and preserving our other roads.

“As a highway authority we must manage the whole road asset for the benefit of our residents and micro surfacing is a crucial tool in our armoury to prevent the sound roads of today becoming the problem roads of tomorrow.”

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