Fireworks – only buy from legitimate retailers

Fireworks season has arrived and Kent County Council Trading Standards want to make sure events across the county go off with a bang.

Officers from Kent Trading Standards are checking and advising retailers on selling and storing fireworks safely to ensure they go off without a hitch on November 5.

They also respond to reports of people selling fireworks illegally, such as from their own home, from the back of vans or advertising via social media sites.


Head of Trading Standards Steve Rock said that they are keen for members of the public to report any information they have about fireworks being sold in this manner.

He said: “Firework sellers are licenced and have to meet strict product and storage requirements so that the public are properly protected”

“Unlicensed sellers of fireworks are putting consumers and local residents at extreme risk.

“From our experience the fireworks may be old and unstable or counterfeit, and most certainly will not be the bargain that the buyer thinks they are.”

If you have any concerns, contact Kent Trading Standards on 03454 040506 or email

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