e-Cycle courses for adults now available in Deal and Canterbury

A ‘try before you buy’ training course in how to ride electric bikes is now available in Canterbury and Deal.

KCC Cycle Training team want to give people the skills and confidence to use e-bikes more safely and more often, for leisure and work.

They have secured funding from the Department for Transport ‘E-cycle Extension Fund’ to set up and subsidise the training.

Cycling Minister Chris Heaton Harris said: “As we build back greener from the pandemic, this Government is committed to enabling as many people as possible to boost their health and fitness and help reduce emissions by hopping on a bike and taking up cycling for shorter journeys.

“Today’s announcement will help make this happen, with a total of £1.48 million going towards fantastic initiatives in areas right across the country to promote the use of e-cycles.

David Brazier

“So, whether you’re new to cycling, or would like to try a cycle that does some of the legwork for you, these initiatives will help more people to have access to active forms of travel.”

KCC Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport David Brazier said: E-bikes are the answer for people like me who are starting to find the hills a struggle or who are not regular cyclists.

“My e-bike gives me enormous pleasure but riding it and looking after it is not the same as for an ordinary bike.

“Kent Cycle Training’s courses in Canterbury and Deal will be ideal for keeping e-cyclists safe and enjoying their bikes to the full.”

The training is aimed at building confidence of how to cycle safely to improve health, the environment and to provide an alternative to many short car journeys.

All courses are delivered by fully trained instructors and a further venue in Maidstone will be announced shortly.

The courses on offer from June 26 are:

  • Introduction to electric cycles (e-bikes)

If you want to ride an electrically assisted cycle (e-bike), or try one out, then this is the course for you. It is run in a safe, off-road location and at your pace. We aim to get you riding confidently, which might take more than one lesson. In addition to control, observation, communication and priorities you will learn handling of e-bikes at different speeds, safe mounting and dismounting, effective use of assist modes and relation to gearing, surge and acceleration control, understand battery care and monitoring and technical aspects of e-bikes.

  • Electric cycle (e-bike) confident road riding

A course for those who can ride an electrically assisted cycle but want more skills and confidence to take to the road. It also provides an opportunity to try an e-bike in the traffic environment.

Kent County Council actively promotes cycling and is working hard to make it safer and more convenient as part of plans to develop Kent’s wide and popular cycle network.

For more information and to book go to: www.kentcycletraining.co.uk


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