Deadline for primary school applications

Parents with children who are due to join a Kent primary, infant or junior school in September are reminded that the deadline for applications is Monday, 17 January.

Every child born between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018 needs to be registered for a school place, along with those who are moving from infant school to junior school.

Shellina Prendergast, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills

Families can apply for up to three schools, putting them in order of preference. Naming only one school does not guarantee a place at that school or give priority for a place over another child, nor does naming a school more than once.

Schools do not know whether they have been named as first, second or third preference and will make their offers in accordance with their oversubscription criteria and KCC will always offer the highest available preference.

Shellina Prendergast, KCC’s Cabinet Member for Education, said: “The best way to apply is online. About 94% of all applications are now made that way and if parents do not apply in time, their child could miss out on a school place at their preferred school.

“We always recommend that parents name their schools in their genuine order of preference.

“Although schools generally try to accommodate siblings of pupils already at the school, parents still need to apply in the usual way. Every year a number of people fail to register by the deadline because they believe they need not apply because they have a brother or sister already in school, but they do.”

Parents who apply online will receive an email on 19 April, telling them which school has been offered. Others will have their offers sent to them by post on the same day.

To apply online and for more information, visit

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