Cyclist injured each week on the roads in Canterbury

A cyclist is injured on the roads in the Canterbury area each week, new data has revealed.

Kent County Council’s Road Safety Team will be working with Kent Police this April to try and bring that figure down.

Figures show that 53 cyclists were injured on the roads in Canterbury in 2015 with nine of those resulting in death or serious injury.

Out of the 12 districts, Canterbury has the worst statistics for people to be on two wheels.

In addition to being vulnerable as they pass junctions, cyclists appear to be at greatest risk when drivers don’t give them enough space.

The Highway Code says that vehicles should give cyclists “at least as much room as you would a car” and this is especially important as its easy for a cyclist to deviate to avoid things in the road.

KCC and Kent Police will be talking to drivers and cyclists reminding them of the safe distance when passing a cyclist and how they can better share the road together. Enforcement will also be carried out throughout the month.

KCC Casualty Reduction Manager Steve Horton said: “The aim of this campaign is to increase the understanding between drivers and cyclists looking at the challenges and difficulties we face on the roads each day.

“Lack of consideration or plain misunderstanding can easily lead to tragic consequence on the road.

“Working with our colleagues at Kent Police, we hope to educate both cyclists and drivers of each other’s different needs and help them to share the roads better, making all our journeys a lot less stressful and safer for us all.”

Roads Policing Chief Inspector Anthony Dyer from Kent Police said: “We do a significant amount of work around road safety with Kent County Council and this is another example of our ongoing commitment to making Kent’s roads as safe as possible.

“Nine out of 10 collisions are because of human error so it is important that we help to educate all road users on how to stay safe in order to bring the number of casualties down.”

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