Cooking up a treat at Bridge and Patrixbourne

Bridge and Patrixbourne Primary school, Canterbury is one of just 12 schools in the county to have a brand new kitchen installed to help provide the government’s policy of a free school meal for every infant child.

They invited Roger Gough, Kent County Council Cabinet Member for Education along on Tuesday 30 September to try out their tasty offerings and see how the new kitchen is working.

The kitchen and staff are a brand new addition to the school and are now cooking more than 200 meals a day. Giving the children a delicious, nutritious hot meal, cooked on site every day. As well as providing two other local schools with hot food, prepared in the new kitchen and then delivering this to their schools. The pupils in Reception say the food is amazing and give it a thumbs up.

30.9.14 Pupils waiting and eating

Roger Gough, Kent County Council Cabinet Member for Education and Health Reform said: “I am looking forward to seeing how Bridge and Patrixbourne Primary has made this work for them and trying out the new food now being prepared on site.

“Making the changes needed to provide free school meals for all infant-age children has provided the county council and the schools in Kent with a significant challenge. The funding provided for free school meals falls well short of what is needed and schools have had to use the money creatively. There are a number of schools that have to make difficult decisions.12 have a new kitchen and some of these are also preparing meals and delivering them out to other local schools. Six further schools had major works to improve ventilation and add additional cooking equipment. The funding has also provided 100 other schools with new equipment. Everyone involved has worked very hard to ensure the pupils will receive a tasty and nutritious school lunch.”

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