Catch a last glimpse of Magna Carta

There is still time to catch a glimpse of an original Magna Carta as celebrations on the 800th anniversary continue.

The free exhibition will be in the Jury Room at the Guildhall, Sandwich from Thursday (September 24) to October 6.

Its final destination will be Lady Chapel, Rochester Cathedral between October 10 and December 6.

KCC archivist Dr Mark Bateson with the Sandwich Magna Carta

KCC archivist Dr Mark Bateson with the Sandwich Magna Carta

A 1300 Magna Carta belonging to Sandwich has recently been rediscovered along with a Charter of the Forest from the same year – an extremely rare example of the of these two documents

The Textus Roffensis – Latin for “The Tome of Rochester” – has been seen as the ‘grandfather’ of Magna Carta. Thw Town’s Castle saw a famous siege by King John’s army in 1215 as peace broke down in the latter half of the year.

Wherever you decide to go, you will be able to see the original Magna Carta from the issue made in 1300 by King Edward I to the borough of Faversham, one of the Cinque Ports.

The Magna Carta Rediscovered Touring Exhibition is produced by Visit Kent in partnership with Faversham Town Council.

It features numerous interactive displays which allow visitors to find out more about the importance of the medieval Magna Carta.

It also takes a look at how it ties to today’s concepts of the freedom of the individual, democracy and society, with the Faversham Magna Carta as the centrepiece.

Innovative technologies include the opportunity to see your own name written in thirteenth century handwriting.

Magna Carta was previously on show at the Kent History and Library Centre in Maidstone from July 25 through to September 5.

KCC Cabinet Member for Community Services Mike Hill said: “Magna Carta Rediscovered offers the chance to see an original Magna Carta close up.

“Visitors will be given detailed guidance on the background to Magna Carta, its sealing, history and modern legacy.

“I would encourage everyone to go and have a look as we celebrate 800 years and see what life was like back then.”

The exhibition has been created by Faversham Town Council and Visit Kent, with support and contributions from: Heritage Lottery Fund, Magna Carta 800, Southeastern, The Alexander Centre Trust, Swale Borough Council, Professor Louise Wilkinson, Canterbury Christ Church University, The Magna Carta Project, The Faversham Society, Shepherd Neame Ltd.

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