Press Office contacts

The press office responds to press enquiries from journalists about KCC services and policies between 8am and 6pm.

We can arrange TV, newspaper, magazine and radio interviews with Cabinet, Lead Members and senior officers.

If you cannot get through to a specific press officer, call 03000 418080.

The duty press officer outside of office hours is Lucy Mayor on 07850 907407

Lucy Mayor (Communications Office Manager)
Includes: corporate issues, business and funding, democratic services and finance issues as well as policy, performance and improvement, information services and economic development, broadband. And Brexit.
03000 416421 or 07850 907407

Suz Elvey
Includes: education, early years, schools, special educational needs, admissions and school places, quality and standards, post-16 education and apprenticeships, 16+ Travel Saver.
03000 417020 or 07738 755491

Murray Evans
Includes: libraries, property, Trading Standards, community safety, film office, public rights of way, Gypsies and Travellers, adult education, sports and culture, country parks, military, Gateways, Coroners courts, financial issues including the budget, the Chairman’s Office, corporate issues and civic duties.
03000 416071 or 07834 051150

Gemma Smith
Includes: Public Health, such as support services for drugs and alcohol misuse, healthy weight management, community mental health, sexual health, health visitors, flu vaccination campaigns and severe weather. Also includes campaigns such as One You Kent, Release the Pressure and Change4Life.
03000 416699 or 07912 451940

Thom Morris & Ellis Stephenson
Includes: highways and waste functions (potholes, household waste and recycling sites, roadworks, Kent Travel Saver Card, road safety, flooding and drainage) the planning and environment teams, and the delivery of new major transport schemes.
03000 416907 or 07738 860726 or 03000 419089 

Justine Wingate
Includes: social services for children, such as unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, fostering, adoption and safeguarding issues as well as social care for adults, older people and promoting independence, blue badges.
03000 418101