A26 Tonbridge Road, Maidstone reopens

The A26 Tonbridge Road in Maidstone will reopen on Sunday after a void was discovered in May.

At a cost of over £1 million and over 8,000 hours of work to fill the void, the road is scheduled to reopen on Sunday morning.

The void was first spotted on May 28 with a small hole in the road before quickly turning into a major collapse.

Residents were evacuated and KCC Highways were at the scene within the hour.

Early investigations found numerous voids and extensive soft spots on the site which meant KCC needed to investigate geotechnical solutions to stabilise the ground.

Once able to acquire specialists, work took place throughout July up to mid-August using 1,043 metric tonnes of grout to strengthen the soil, down to 11 metres under the road, in an area not much larger than a tennis court.

Once works to replace the sewer were completed alongside work by gas and electricity companies, KCC was able to finish the road surfacing and open the road.

KCC cabinet member for highways Mike Whiting said: “The significant work we’ve done with ground stabilisation and renewal of utility infrastructure will increase resilience against future failure and prevent the need for any further utility works.

“Whilst I appreciate residents’ frustration with the time it has taken, this has been a huge undertaking and something we have never dealt with before. It required specialist contractors which are not always readily available, as well as significant planning.

“I’d like to say thank you for the hard work that has gone into ensuring the road is once again safe and open for use.”

Key facts:
• 22 weeks to rebuild
• Cost over £1 million
• Over 8,000 hours of activity – not including utility activities or back office design work
• One principle contractor, eight subcontractors, not including supply chains and utility companies
• Significant ground stabilisation required using over 1,043 metric tonnes of grout, equivalent to the weight of 78 double decker buses.
• 2,110 metric tonnes of stone used in the reconstruction of the top 2 metres of carriageway.
• 640 metric tonnes of asphalt used

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