Pepperhill Household Waste & Recycling Centre to remain closed

Significant work for several months is required at the Pepperhill Household Waste and Recycling Centre (HWRC), Kent County Council has said.

On April 21 a fire broke out in the household waste bay in the waste transfer station, it is unknown as to the source of the fire due to the volume of the waste that is taken in daily.

Test results on the building have shown that due to chloride levels that was produced from the various waste types that burnt in the fire, a full decontamination process is necessary and will take approximately eight weeks to complete.

A further two to four weeks will then be required to renew lighting, doors, concrete walls, electrics, the sprinkler system, CCTV and cladding.

Once the decontamination is complete, further tests will be taken to determine how far the damage has infiltrated the cladding and insulation further up the building.

This may result in a second phase of work replacing the roof.

KCC Waste Services Manager Kay Groves said: “We appreciate that while the site is closed it will be inconvenient for people wanting to get rid of their waste.

“This incident has created severe pressures on the surrounding Household Waste Recycling Centres, particularly Dartford Heath, Swanley and the Medway site at Cuxton.

“At the moment we have planned for the site to be closed until August to undertake the first phase of decontamination.

“We will then look to temporarily open the site once the first phase is complete, whilst planning, preparation, design and procurement of the works related to the roof removal takes place.

“The second phase closure is earmarked for October/November or February when seasonal demand is at its lowest.

“We will endeavour to have part closures of the site to lessen the impact, but safety is priority.”

Discussions are ongoing about extending the opening hours at Swanley and Dartford, whilst Tovil is currently open later Wednesday and Thursday evening.

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