100,000th LED streetlight installed in Kent

The 100,000th LED street light in Kent has been installed in KCC’s ambitious £40 million scheme.

Kent County Council has approximately 120,000 street lights and in March 2016 began a project to convert all street lights to LED.

The milestone ceremony, delivered by the Transport and Local Government team at Bouygues Energies & Services (BYES), was held today (Thursday).

KCC cabinet member for transport Mike Whiting said: “We are very excited to mark this significant milestone in such a crucial project for the county. 

“As we near completion, we have been able to realise several benefits including cost savings for the taxpayer, cutting-edge technology and sustainability for the environment and future generations. 

“We are also able to quickly rectify outages, to ensure that the correct amount of light is used and roads are not over lit, and eliminate the need for switch-offs. 

“The decision to work with BYES was based on the experience of their previous successful projects and our confidence that BYES had the right abilities to complete the project to an exemplary standard.”

The complete project will feature 120,000 centrally controlled, energy-efficient LED lights and will save Kent taxpayers up to £5.2 million a year on our energy costs.

Robert Hall, Kent project director at BYES, said: “Kent County Council rolled out an ambitious programme of LED lighting across its residential areas, major roads and town centre.

“Based on our civil engineering credentials and expertise in this area as well as our trusted reputation for existing contracts with the council, we were commissioned to plan, design and install 120,000 LED units over 38 months.

“The units are centrally controlled via a CMS system which allows the council to identify and troubleshoot outages and repairs. This state-of-the-art project is the first step towards the smart city of the future.

“To date we have not only exceeded the targets set by both the council and our own project objectives, but we have also introduced smart logistics for sites, enabling materials and equipment to be dispatched to and collected from on-the-ground teams.

“This smart approach eliminates any need for them to leave the sites and has improved efficiency and is enabling us to deliver the project seven months ahead of schedule.”

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